dfoa area directors

The Area Directors are elected by members of the association for alternating three year terms.  They serve in a variety of roles and perform numerous functions to run the day-to-day operations of DFOA.

Matt DeJong

Matt dejong

john juranek

scott lewis

joel pogar

(719) 445-9960

(720) 519-8936

(720) 278-9232

(303) 500-2992

Term Ends: Dec 31, 2020

Roles: Evaluation program administrator, off season film study coordinator and attendance tracking. 

Term Ends: Dec 31, 2021

Roles: New officials coordinator, scrimmage / coach liaison and fundraising.

Term Ends: Dec 31, 2019

Roles: Rules interpreter and area meeting coordinator. 

Term Ends: Dec 31, 2020

Roles: Webmaster, treasurer and CHSAA liaison.

Position: Umpire

Position: Wing

Position: Referee & Crew Chief

Position: Referee & Crew Chief

I’m a married father of 7 children residing in Franktown, CO.  I am blessed to have the support of my family as I work in this avocation.
Matt, began officiating football in Wisconsin during the 2001 season with his first varsity assignments coming in 2003.  After working varsity football for three seasons in Wisconsin, Matt transferred to the DFOA in 2006.
In the past Matt has worked as a basketball and baseball official but has “retired” from those sports..  He still participates with those sports at lower levels and in rec leagues.
I appreciate the friendships I have made through the years and enjoy working with those in the DFOA as we all strive to get better in our craft.

John is a married father of three boys, John, Justin and Brandon.  My wife of 30 years has been very patient with me and my officiating career. My gracious family has allowed me to work on what has been important to me for a long time.

There is a point to being over committed to what you do, and I am to my family, to my job, and to what I love in baseball and football. Thanks to my wife and this association for allowing me the opportunity to serve all of you in this position.

I began officiating football in 1996, spent three years at the youth level, worked two more at the lower level high school. My first varsity assignment came in  2002 after I took the NFHS test at the Calvary Baptist Church.  Rick Cole was my first mentor and crew chief. 

I currently work baseball as a second sport and I am associated with Area 1 in Denver. This also has been very rewarding for me, those who work both of these sports thank you for all you do for the game.

In closing, I am just getting my feet wet as an Area Director. Thank you, let me know if I can help you.

Scott has been officiating football since 2001, starting in Utah while finishing up college.  After moving to Colorado, he joined the DFOA in 2004, and first became a crew chief in 2011.  Through his officiating career, he has worked varsity contests in a variety of positions, including a 4A championship game as Back Judge in 2013.
Scott’s emphasis has largely been on strong rules knowledge on and off the field, feeling that a strong rule base leads to a solid foundation of confidence and sound rulings in key situations when coupled with proper on-field mechanics.  He loves the association with his fellow officials, and strives to help every official become the best they can.
Scott also officiates high school basketball, and is a former baseball umpire.  He currently resides in Thornton with his wife of 17 years and his 5 children.

Joel is a resident of Parker, CO and has been a DFOA official since 2012. He only officiates football but has worked a variety of games from youth leagues to NCAA and semi-pro with several post season and championship assignments.

Joel has a passion for sports and played baseball and football through his college years.  He “retired” his playing days after an injury in 2004 and began officiating as a way to stay active and close to the game he loves.

Joel has been married to his wife Kerri of 25 years and has two college age children.  Although football takes up a lot of time through the year, he enjoys his dogs, chickens and turkeys on a 2 acre ranch in Parker when he is not on the field.

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