Area Director Application

Leadership is determined by your actions, not your position.

For the 2023 Area Director election cycle, two Area Director openings will be available. The terms expiring are for Don Bates and Jeff Penney .  Candidates will be running for the term starting on January 1, 2024 and ending on December 31, 2026.  Even though the official term date will start at the beginning of January, we would like to train and integrate the newly elected AD as soon as possible.

Area Director responsibilities include:

  • Advocate to CFOA and CHSAA on issues of interest to DFOA members;
  • Assist CFOA Leadership with the annual Denver Master Clinic;
  • Attend DFOA off-season planning meetings and in-season area meetings;
  • Collect Association Dues;
  • Conduct education and training of DFOA members with NFHS rules and CFOA mechanics;
  • Conduct annual election for Area Director(s);
  • Coordinate pre-season scrimmage assignments;
  • Determine area meeting requirements for Active members;
  • Determine Transfer, Returning and Provisional Member discretionary status requests;
  • Develop and implement a DFOA annual budget;
  • Develop and implement selection methods for Crew Chiefs and crews;
  • Develop and implement a mentoring program for newer officials;
  • Develop and implement an evaluation/observation program;
  • Develop and implement a process to assist in addressing game assignment issues;
  • Facilitate and implement a strategy plan for DFOA;
  • Implement HUDL, or other film review, for use by members;
  • Investigate alleged violations of DFOA Standards of Conduct and impose appropriate disciplinary action;
  • Maintain records of member attendance, test scores and other member administrative items;
  • Maintain Association non-profit standing and corporate good standing;
  • Maintain the DFOA website;
  • Plan and conduct fund-raising activities;
  • Plan and conduct area meetings;
  • Plan and conduct educational meetings for members;
  • Recruit, train and retain new members;
  • Serve as liaison between DFOA membership and CHSAA;
  • Serve as liaison between DFOA membership and CFOA including attending CFOA Board Meetings;
  • Submit exceptional members for consideration by CHSAA as semi-final and championship game officials;
  • Submit exceptional members for consideration by CHSAA in early round playoff games;
  • Supply information to CHSAA by April on meeting dates, test dates, books needed, and other administrative matters.