CFOA Meetings

2023 Meeting Dates and Times

The Colorado Football Officials Association (CFOA) will host three meetings during the 2023 season.  These meetings are designated for all high school football officials in Colorado.  All CFOA meetings will be virtual and hosted online.  A few reminders:

1) If you are concerned about audio or video issues, please join the meeting early and we can possibly assist you.  Once the meeting has started, please don’t call or text the panelists for assistance, they will be focused on presenting and unable to help.  There have been very few problems with this virtual format.
2)  If you are a call-in user only, please let your area director know for meeting credit.  WebEx will not automatically record your name in the attendance log.  If possible, it’s best to join via the WebEx app or web browser for the best experience and to have your attendance automatically recorded.
3) Finally, for best performance, turn OFF YOUR video.  Video consumes resources and you will be better able to hear, and see, the presenters with your video off.

CFOA Meeting Dates

Meetings will begin at 6:30pm and hosted online:

Wednesday, 8/16

Wed, 9/13

Wed, 10/11

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