Week 9 – 2019

1-      At least one team is running a fake FG/try where the holder throws a pass without lifting his knee. There is no foul for doing that, but the ball is dead when released.

2-      We’ve had two instances where wing officials could have avoided contact with a coach in the restricted area, but chose to make minor contact and then flagged it. While the contact changes the penalty from a sideline warning to 15 yards, it creates liability for the official. Please go around the coach and explain to the head coach the “favor” he received.

3-      Please be very careful about what is said to players. A coach complained about an official who told his player to not put his head down when making a tackle. Putting the head down while turning it away is an appropriate tackling technique. There is a fuzzy line between preventive officiating and coaching. It is best to address such concerns with the coach and not deal with the player directly.

4-      An upset QB used the f- word when complaining to his coach about blocking, play calling, etc. Please do not insert yourself in internal team communications. Those are for the coaching staff to handle. We are not the be-all or end-all of the game.





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