A Big Thank You!

A big DFOA thank you goes out to Sean Burrow for coordinating and teaching an NCAA introductory rules class to more than 30 DFOA members.  This three hour session covered the major rules differences between NFHS and NCAA while also giving an overview of 7-man mechanics.  This is the first time DFOA has hosted an NCAA rules session and it was well received by our membership that attended.  Instructors (all DFOA Alumni) included several NCAA officials from D1 and D2 programs including:

  • Sean Burrow
  • Danny Hoeft
  • Matt Burkes
  • Corey Fobes

The follow-up material from the class can be found here:

DOWNLOAD MATERIALS – Zip file includes several documents – major 2018 NFHS / NCAA Rule Differences, BBW Diagram, 2018 NCAA Rule Book, Philosophies, Sample NCAA Foul Report.


…a link to the videos used in class are below as well.  These are good training videos from Fox Sports that are narrated by Mike Pereria and Dean Blandino.  All videos are owned, copyrighted, and managed by Fox sports.  They are posted here for your reference and educational purposes only.  DFOA cannot guarantee how long these links will be valid but they are operational as of this posting date.

2018 NCAA Week 1

2018 NCAA Week 2

2018 NCAA Week 3

2018 NCAA Week 4

2018 NCAA Week 5

2018 NCAA Week 6

2018 NCAA Week 7

2018 NCAA Week 8

2018 NCAA Week 9

2018 NCAA Week 10

2018 NCAA Week 11

2018 NCAA Week 12

2018 NCAA Week 13

The CFC is a Men’s semi-pro league here in Colorado.  Sean Burrow is the officials coordinator for that league and has a set of videos with commentary listed below.  These are also good training materials for those wishing to move up to NCAA football.

2018 CFC Week 1

2018 CFC Week 2

2018 CFC Week 3

2018 CFC Week 4

2018 CFC Week 5

2018 CFC Week 6

2018 CFC Week 7

2018 CFC Week 8

2018 CFC Week 9



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